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Bluebird of Happiness

For the past two days, my attention has been drawn to a beautiful bluebird. Yesterday, the vibrant azure color caught my eye while I was exercising and gazing out of the window. I had to stop, as he turned his head and stared at me. I thanked him for gracing my morning with his beautiful colors and he eventually flew off. Within minutes, he was back, this time tapping on the window with his beak … quite the welcomed distraction from my grueling work-out! For the next hour, I watched as he and his mate flitted about from my garden to the patio, occasionally catching the tap-tap-tap as he poked at the windows.

For the rest of the day, my attention was on our cat, Tommy, who happens to be a great hunter and has been known to enjoy himself a bird or two for snack. I kept reminding him that he was NOT to disturb our fine feathered friends. I wondered if the bluebird would be able to escape his shenanigans.

This morning, as I steeped in the beauty of nature during my meditation time, once again the bluebird alerted me to its presence. This time, however, he was perched safely on top of a tree and was offering me his repetitive song. Again, I thanked him for sharing his beautiful gift, this time in the form of a song.

For those of you who not familiar with my book, Connecting with Nature, I want to add here that one part of my meditation ritual is to include an essential oil. Today, I was called to use the enticing essence of Ginger Lily. She is a new essence in my repertoire. I was nudged to include her when I remembered the spirit-name, Sayuri, I was given by one of my gurus. In Japanese, Sayuri means “small lily” and in Sanskrit, Sayuri means “one who is close to God”. Here is the message that streamed through:

“Be with Me, my child, as you immerse yourself in the beauty of nature that surrounds you. Take in and absorb the elements which are abundantly present to help you rebalance. Allow the fire energy of the sun to warm your skin, the cool crisp air to cleanse and refresh your lungs, the sights and sounds of spring bursting forth with new life to energize you, and the moist nectar of water to replenish and restore you. This is life on planet earth. Stay grounded in this energy. Observe the ebb and flow of life through predator and prey, dormancy and new life, and dullness to brightness. This is your life. Embrace it all. Stay vigilant to connecting with nature to remind you of this flow. When things throw you off balance, remember they are simply a hiccup in the flow. Ground yourself and come back to center. Do your part to help others understand this concept. You are an extension of Me (God) and this is your soul’s reason for choosing this life. Don’t hold back. Be the change even if it seems quirky. You are Divine love. You are loved and lovable, just as you are.”

When I stop the mind-chatter and take time to really listen, I receive exactly what I need to hear. I took a few minutes to look up the metaphysical meaning of Bluebird and none of it came as a surprise: “Bluebird song enters your life when you begin giving up your happiness for something or someone else. He reminds you that you need not lose joy in the process of achieving a goal. Overall Bluebird Spirit comes with good news. He prepares you for what’s ahead. Once that boon arrives, Bluebird says, ‘share the wealth.’ Spread that joy all around and see what wonders it produces.” And just in case that wasn’t clear enough, the lesson for today in A Course In Miracles (Lesson #106) reiterated it: “Let me be still and listen to truth. I am the messenger of God today. My voice is His, to give what I receive.”

May the Truth that I’ve been given, touch you as it has touched me. Enjoy a joy-filled day!


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