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Courage and Confidence

Throughout my years I have followed Divine timing, however, I often find myself slipping into phases of doubt. This usually unfolds as I experience the uneasy feeling of something new on the horizon, but I’m not quite sure what it is going to be. It almost feels like once I get comfortable with my life, something starts to stir within me. My typical response is to question my calling. Sometimes this happens out of the blue, and sometimes circumstances around me trigger this response.

Four years after I had established my massage business, I had become quite comfortable with my schedule and my practice was slowly building. I was confident I was on the right path; I enjoyed my clients and I looked forward to each day. That is, until my husband was forced into an early retirement. His response was for me to find a full-time job with benefits to support us through this transition. This was a very challenging decision for me. I trusted the path I was on was the right path, and it felt great to be a part of helping others along their healing journey. Did I need to give up everything I had established and follow a different path?

I meditated. I prayed. I listened to my Higher Guidance. Not one time did I hear I needed to give up my new practice. I was clearly on the right path. Almost daily, I double-checked to make sure I was correctly hearing the guidance of the Universe. Would God make my path so clear and then in the blink of an eye change it? I kept hearing, “Stay on the course. Trust and believe.” And so, I did. It took several years before my husband was able to find his career groove again. We made it through, and I was able to continue along the path I was meant to be on.

This pattern of doubt, wondering whether I’m on the right path, rattles within me. I need to clarify here. I do know I’ve been on the right path; however, I periodically get the feeling there is more I need to be doing. I’ve learned to sit with it and meditate. I find I simply need to ask the Universe “Is there more I should be doing?” One particular time, Rosewood helped channel this message to me:

Stay strong in your faith and have courage to continue on the path of helping others raise their vibration. When doubts or obstacles get in your way, turn to us as we are always here to assist as you move forward. Always live from the place of the upward spiral. Remember, we are a catalyst in helping humans heal on all levels. Many are ready for this type of ascending movement, and we are excited to help all on their journey. Just as we have been helping you!

I continued to wonder whether I needed to do more:

Do your own work and make this a priority. As you do your own work, revelations and experiences will provide you with pertinent information to share.

I realize that doing my own work is the only way for me to help others. It is through the subtle changes I make that bring others the courage and confidence to face changes they need to make. Through very simple practices that help quiet the mind and connect us with our deepest desires, we can receive affirmations and guidance. Spending time in the natural world, observe the flow of a river, mindfully watch the creatures of Mother Earth, listen to the soft sounds of nature or gentle music...are a few of these simple practices that help me.

If courage is something you seek in your life, try asking yourself the following questions.

What is holding you back from moving forward with your inner calling?

Do you have clarity on what path you need to be on? If not, why not? If so, what is holding you back?

What would it take to bring courage forth to help you proceed?

What ways do you find encouragement to follow your inner guidance?

Are you taking the time necessary to do your own healing work?

"Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do. There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth." Rumi


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