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Every Day is a Bonus

This morning I sat basking in the radiant warmth of the sun and gave thanks for the decadent smell of autumn wafting in the air. The sound of birds was present today, perhaps because of the soft rain we had last night or perhaps because flocks are passing through as they migrate south. It was a welcomed addition to the drone of the crickets and caws of the crows. There is such amazing diversity in this gorgeous state I live in. The vibrancy and contrast are breath-taking as I watch the plant and tree world show off their array of colors.

In this moment, I am filled with gratitude for this bonus day. I was reminded of a cap my dad received when he participated in the Honor Flight several years ago. It said: Every day is a bonus. This is so true! Indeed, every day IS a bonus. Today I am grateful that I am experiencing it as such. This isn’t always true for me as I can all too easily get swept up in the craziness of life. For today, however, I will bask in the gratitude I am experiencing as I greet each moment of this bonus day.

I turned to the essential oil of Marjoram (cineole) to assist me with my meditation practice. This charming essence is restorative and is wonderful for regenerating oneself. This was the message that came through:

“Life flows so much easier when you stay present and appreciative. Absorb it. Remember it. Embrace it and you will experience this mindfulness every day. Just as you have developed habits and patterns that have led you away from experiencing this gift, you can easily replace the undesirable with desirable patterns. This is your true nature. This is where you will experience the Oneness of all that your heart desires.”

Pause a moment to reflect on the gift of your life. What habits need to be nourished so you, too, can experience every day as a bonus?

Perhaps you have habits that need to be released. Take a walk and be in nature today. Listen to her guidance. She will show you the way.

My heart is filled with joy as I embrace this bonus day. May you experience the Oneness all creation as well!

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