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Grace, Love and Gratitude

I am humbled by the amazing, blessed gifts bestowed on me. Throughout my healing journey, I have faced times of darkness and times of light. Each experience has been a blessed gift. Did I always see it that way? No. All too often during my dark days, I wasn’t present to receive the gift of the moment. But it is certainly through the challenges I’ve faced in life, that brought me closer to the Divine Love who created me.

This past week, I have been contemplating the blessed gift of healing from the inside out. My heart is filled with gratitude for the opportunity to heal within and to be present with those who have shared their healing journey with me. I have an awesome team of mentors and teachers and wonderful resources that help me co-create my journey. In turn, I am able to share this journey with others.

I’m not sure why or how God chose me for this work. As I pondered this, I was reminded of Moses. Moses was called to deliver God’s message and when he felt inadequate, God brought Joshua into his life. Not that I am comparing myself to Moses! It isn’t my goal to be as well-known as Moses nor to take on the enormous tasks he had to face. But Moses humbly followed every direction given to him and the way through was provided. Isn’t this true for all of us? If we quite the mind long enough to listen, we too, can hear the direction given to us, whether audible or through other sources.

The ancient essence of Mugwort, brought forth this message:

Lean not on your own understanding but fully rely on my presence within. We are co-creators, as is everyone in this world. Being in my presence is the key. Each time you pause to remember the Source of your creation, you tap into that presence. It is a Holy moment. Carry those moments with you throughout your life and you will see what we will create together. Be my presence in the world. Follow my lead and you will know what opportunities are meant for you to be a part of. Trust and believe, Dear One, and all things will manifest in Divine order.

I am humbled by the grace and love offered to me and my heart is filled with gratitude for every opportunity and each person who has touched my life. Throughout this next week, take time to ponder all of the opportunities and people in your own life that have brought you grace and love. Count your blessings and bathe in the essence of gratitude.

Today, I am leaving you with a body movement prayer offered by one of my favorite aromatherapists, Robbi Zeck:

My heart is filled with love, grace and gratitude for each one of you!


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