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Nature = Creation = God

“You didn’t come into this world. You came out of it, like a wave from the ocean.” Alan W. Watts (Watts, 1974)

To me, Nature equals God. Nature is where I experience total communion with God and the beautiful world He/She has created. I’m reminded of this through a song I used to sing with the children at my church: “All God’s Critters Got a Place in the Choir.” In this simple song, we’re reminded that every part of creation has its place and is to be honored and recognized. This sounds so logical, but how easy is it to apply it throughout our daily lives? If we truly believed we all have a place, then discrimination would be non-existent, wars over boundaries would be non-existent, poverty would be non-existent, and governments would cooperate and collaborate on environmental concerns and issues of human rights and dignity.

We each came here in our own unique form. Each with a gift to offer to the world. What has caused us to be so divided? As I pondered these deep questions, I used Marjoram to connect me to the Divine message:

Imagine what it is like to be a seed starting from the moment the soil engulfs you and begins to warm you until you burst from the earth to start your cycle of growth. Can you feel the excitement as you entered this world? Look around you and be aware of all of your friends surrounding you. Enjoy the vibrational energy of excitement as you feel their love and they feel your love. Notice the other beings that delight in your presence--butterflies, bees, ants, beetles, worms, birds--and feel a connection to all. Bask in the joy of this moment.

God wants all beings to feel this connectedness, this sense of communion, knowing that all existence is present to support one another unconditionally. Even those who have caused devastation. They, too, have served their purpose. They are here to teach resilience and perseverance. They help you grow stronger so you can honor your purpose. All are here to support one another. God’s desire is communion with all beings. You are here to be an example of this.

The time is NOW for all of us to feel this connectedness. We need to come together as ONE to heal and repair the damage that has already been done to Mother Earth and her inhabitants. We have been given an opportunity to slow down, honor, enjoy, and revere nature, and arise with a whole new perspective on how our daily choices are hurting our planet and one another. We can clearly see what needs to be done to engage in a global effort of healing. As I am writing this, the world is in the middle of the Novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic. I’m grateful I am living through this transformative experience. Each day of this global pandemic, I humbly look at what changes I can make. I see the shifts in the Earth’s atmosphere due to less mobilization. I see the shifts in the lives around me as they engage as families and couples instead of going their separate ways. I see people reaching out to help other people. What can I do differently in my life?

How about you? Are you feeling the pulse of change knocking at your door? What amazing innovations are you inspired to bring forth to restore and preserve our planet? Perhaps you, too, can find simple ways to make changes which will affect the greater whole in the long run. How can you get this message out to the people in your circle? One step at a time, we can make this happen!

I encourage you to set your intention for this New Year. The year 2021 has arrived ... have you? Let go of what was once considered normal and co-create a new beginning.


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