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Nature Teaches Unconditional Love

Signs of Love from Nature

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.” Frank Lloyd Wright (Wright, 2020)

I have made many “mistakes” in my life, and I imagine I will make many more. As I have grown to trust that I am a Divine extension of God, I believe whatever regrettable actions I’ve taken or regretful words I’ve spoken are all part of a Divine plan beyond my wildest imagination. It doesn’t absolve me from humbly admitting my mistakes and making amends whenever possible. It simply gives me a different perspective on each situation. I believe we are all spiritual beings on a human path, and we are here to learn and grow from this human experience. If we were perfect, we wouldn’t need to be here. This opens us up to acceptance, and acceptance opens us up to feel the unconditional Love of the Universe. On one of my nature treks, Myrtle brought forth a beautiful message:

I am taking you deep within nature. As you are present in nature, take in the feelings as you are looking around. Be the person you see, not an observer of the person you see. What do you feel as you stand here taking in the essence, the energy of nature that is surrounding you? That enfolding of love, feeling wrapped and supported by pure love, is what nature feels at all times throughout life, even in times of transition. We don’t feel sad or afraid or resist. We know in our passing we will offer something different and we will contribute love to other beings. This feeling of being surrounded with love is what God desires for all beings, especially human beings, to experience. When it occurs, there will be no separation or division. Be the messenger!

I was immediately reminded of Lynn; Lynn was a messenger to me. She was one of the Teaching Assistants of my Level Two Medicinal Aromatherapy training in Sedona. At the time of the training, my book had lain dormant for eight years. I had been journaling, but I didn’t see the correlation between my journaling and the book. It was through her beautiful words that my heart and eyes opened to see clearly my next step. She said, “Take time to be in nature EVERY day! Even if it is only for ten minutes. Nature has so much to tell us. Take time to listen. BE in nature!” Even though she was speaking to our whole class, I felt as though she was looking at me the whole time, directing her message to me. Her message was instrumental and helped open my heart to the teachings of Nature. God’s creation has taught me to know that love is what animates life as it moves gracefully and purposefully fulfilling its role. Herein lies the enfolding of love from our Creator.

Do you take time to enjoy nature every day? This can be as simple as walking alone, listening to and observing nature around you. Or as simple as leaning up against a tree (by the way, they love that!). This week, my reminder came while I was shoveling snow. I paused a moment as the snow was quite heavy, and when I looked down, there was this perfectly shaped snow-heart (see above picture). This unexpected gift of love brought me such joy, I was actually giggling for quite a long time!

Perhaps your bond will come from a bouquet of flowers or a plant in your home or office. The most important thing is to take at least ten minutes each day to immerse yourself in the natural world and contemplate in silence, free of any distractions. You, too, will become a messenger of love, perhaps for yourself, or perhaps for the entire world. See the love you are through the eyes of nature!


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