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Readjusting Through Energy Shifts

I find travel can throw my energy off. This also happens to my husband. It seems each of us goes through an energy shift when we have been apart for a few days or more so that when we reunite adjustment is necessary. This unhealthy pattern happens in our relationship: When my husband challenges me in any way, I hold my ground. We disagree and I remove myself or shut down. And the reverse is true…if I challenge him, he holds his ground and we disagree. As we engage in this habitual pattern, I tend to become less careful with my words. As I meditated with Peppermint, light was shed on this subject:

Withdraw from your senses and you will be able to connect with the universe with ease. Allow my scent to take you to a deeper place within. As you inhale, follow how deep I go within you. Feel me in your heart. In the past, you’ve only brushed the surface of the depth of love that is there for you. Your Creator wants you to experience this with the snap of a finger so when you are being faced with challenging situations, you can go deeply in an instant. You will be guided. Old patterns surface easily, but help is always available to support you through a new way of being.

Ponder the ways in which you are equipped to go out into the world and make a difference through your life’s experiences.

What are your special gifts?

What patterns might be present that are blocking your special gifts?

Are you ready to release them?

In what way can nature assist you as you strive to release old patterns?


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