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The Importance of Raising Our Vibrational Level

Peace on Earth

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.

What is energy? The above quote, often erroneously attributed to Albert Einstein, sums up the definition of energy. Energy is the invisible force that animates life. There are many different types of energy. For our purpose here, energy will be used to describe your personal vibrational frequency. This energy frequency is a culmination of every thought, feeling, and action from every lifetime you have lived. It surrounds and permeates all cells in your body. It is your Divine signature, the essence of your soul. Each of our vibrational frequencies is a direct reflection of our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, word choices and how we move through the world as we take care of ourselves, the Earth, and all her occupants.

Higher vibration equals more light. More light means the light particles vibrate faster. When light particles vibrate faster, you will experience higher consciousness and a stronger connection to your soul and God-self. Love is your source of direction. Higher vibrations are the gateway to love, joy, peace, hope, gratitude, recognizing divinity in oneself and in others, and feeling aligned with your soul. You move through life with grace and ease.

Lower vibration means the opposite is true. Lower vibration equals slower or less light. Less light means the light particles vibrate slower and become more condensed. Your energy then feels heavy and you don’t feel aligned with your soul and your Divine self. You operate from a fear-based perspective. Lower vibrations carry the heaviness of shame, guilt, fear, blame, judgment, resentment, anger, jealousy, unforgiveness, addiction, conditional love, lack of self-worth, greed, and the feeling of separation. This often brings poor health and feelings of lethargy.

In her book Raise Your Vibration, Sabrina Reber states: “Our physical bodies, those parts of us that are not eternal, are interpenetrated and surrounded by our eternal divine essence, consisting of our emotional, mental and spiritual energetic layers.” (Reber, 2013) This makes us multi-dimensional, energetic spiritual beings living a human experience in physical form. As French philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin so eloquently put it: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” (Chardin, 2020)

Self-empowerment comes when we are aware of and align with the energies of our emotional, mental and spiritual states of being. This allows our soul to integrate all of our layers and will bring us to a place of wholeness and connectedness with our Higher Power, the Universe, God, or whatever name you give the Creator of all life. This takes concerted effort and awareness of the imbalances that present themselves. Throughout our lives, opportunities arise for us to engage in a spiritual detox. The Light shines on our darkness and it is up to us to rise up, heal, transmute, and release our individual darkness. Some refer to this darkness as our shadow side or the shadow within.

For me, this is an ongoing process. I recognize the process when it arises and I have enough tools in place to work my way through the layers. In my book, Connecting with Nature (coming soon), I have attempted to share with you my personal healing journey and some of those tools. It is my prayer that these suggestions will help you as well. As author, intuitive and spiritual teacher, Cynthia Olivera shared recently: “Universal peace and brotherhood/ sisterhood will reign on this planet. We are being shown our shadow side in order to love, forgive and raise our frequencies. Keep the balance, stay in your heart, and help others.” We are witnessing our capacity to be part of a larger reality, a more inclusive universal and multidimensional community that comes after we make our way through this tunnel of darkness. As we face and address our own shadow side, our hearts become more open to help and serve others. We simply need to live our lives at a higher vibrational level, benefitting not only ourselves, but all other beings in our lives.

According to modern-day mystics, in 2012 we entered into a historic time when the universe is shifting. We are moving out of the Industrial Age which fostered in a hunger for power, greed, and a host of other lower vibrational energies. Currently, we are in the Golden Age of planetary ascension and anyone choosing to be on this planet will experience the chaos of the world. As Reber states, “The chaos of the world is a reflection of our own inner chaos. It is not that we have more darkness on the planet; it is that we have more light permeating the planet, forcing the darkness within each of us to rise to the surface to be healed, transmuted, and released.” (Reber p.7, emphasis added).

Clearly, now is the time to do our internal work of processing the lower vibrations. The first step is awareness. Having the desire to release and heal the energies that no longer serve a purpose in our life is the opening of awareness. The next step is becoming aware of our chakras, our individual energy centers, and purposefully bringing them into balance (more on this another time).

May peace prevail in our hearts and on our beloved Earth!

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