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The Truth of Abundance

I have begun each of the past five years by attending a New Year’s Intention-Setting workshop. Several years ago, our facilitator had us do a visualization exercise. She had us write down our perfect day, whatever that meant to each of us. At the time of doing the exercise, my work week was quite full, I devoted one day each week to my grandson, and somehow, I fit in time to teach yoga and extra workshops. Our facilitator encouraged us to let go of the reality of our actual day and instead envision our ideal day. As I pondered my ideal day, I remembered a friend of mine, Judith, who lives in The Bahamas.

Judith is a Canadian, a single woman, an artist, and an entrepreneur. Through a series of life’s circumstances, she landed in The Bahamas in a beautiful studio home. Judith lives a woman’s dream. She has beautiful tropical gardens, lives a short distance from the crystal clear, turquoise ocean, and is the most welcoming, friendly host to strangers. I’ve known Judith for eight years, and I’ve always been intrigued by the life she has created for herself. I know that she faces many challenges and obstacles, works extremely hard, and holds onto an unshakable faith through it all. She has perfected her ideal day with an amazing balance between self-care, creative time, work, and play.

It was with that image in mind that I pondered my perfect day. It included all of the things I loved the most: time for reflection/meditation; time for writing, creating and reading; time in nature and for self-care; time for work, gardening and providing nourishing meals for my family. It was a beautiful vision, and I felt content imagining it. As I returned to my daily life, I tried to make time for my ideal day. With so many obligations, trying to live my vision just added more stress to my already overloaded schedule. Reality took over. I accepted with gratitude the days I could fit in some of the things on my list, and let go of the dream. The sweet-smelling essence of Davana stepped in to encourage me:

Stand in your power! Be clear and confident in your intention and it will manifest. There will be changes and it may be challenging, but all will go smoothly. Some of those you know will continue on their path with you and others may not. Know that you have given them exactly what they’ve needed at the time, and they will be led to their next step. You will find abundance coming to you easily and effortlessly in many ways--time for whatever your heart desires. You will receive abundance for your work. Your next best step is being revealed. Use the essences to support your efforts!

I was so focused on making a fair and equitable contribution to our family finances that I had lost sight of the Truth of abundance. All along, I was focused on my small “t” truth--trying to earn enough to meet my obligations, looking at my time as being limited and looking at my resources as being something I controlled. COVID-19 has gifted me with my perfect day. I am now able to walk through my day and I find that abundance is all around me. Occasionally, I get caught in the trap of worrying about the adjustments I’ve had to make monetarily, but then I realize how much abundance has come my way through these past five months. The Truth of abundance is that there is enough for ALL. I am privileged in this world of ours. I never want to lose sight of that fact. In my abundant life, I can certainly reach out to those who do not have a morsel of sustenance due to the pandemic, droughts, and disasters. It's all about reframing how I think of things. I have had an abundance of opportunities come my way that I would have missed if we weren’t in the middle of this pandemic. My heart is filled with gratitude for it all.

What do you see as Truth about abundance?

Can you see the importance of setting your intention to manifest what your True Self, your inner essence, wants to create for you in your perfect day?

Or, perhaps you are already living your perfect day?


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