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Our Mission

Nature's Healing Grace strives to teach clients effective techniques designed to improve the quality of their lives, both physically and spiritually. We offer a variety of therapeutic services, classes and retreats to help support each person's personal healing journey. Our ultimate goal is for each person to realize the importance of making their physical, emotional and spiritual needs a top priority, not only to benefit themselves, but to support their families and community.

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Therapeutic Massage

Oil Massage

Aromatherapy Massage

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Classes & Trainings

Yoga at Home





Classes & Trainings

It's Never Too Late to Start

No matter what your circumstances or stage of life, it is never too late to start on the road to feeling better. To truly become whole, to heal yourself from the inside out, you must revisit the childlike state of pure existence. As adults, we become distracted by the worries of the outside world. We have forgotten how to unleash the power of our imagination to take us to the depths of Nature, a sacred place where we can once again connect more thoroughly with our beginnings and receive Nature's amazing healing gifts. They are there, just waiting to be discovered, priceless yet free." 

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Upcoming Events, Retreats & Calendar

Upcoming Events

Are you ready to awaken to transformation in your life?

Your Teacher
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Your Spiritual Guide

Nancy Zick has always believed in a holistic approach to healing. Her faith and her passion for following her purpose in life have led her to be grounded in her Christian beliefs while embracing the truths from other spiritual traditions. Through her yoga training she acquired a better understanding of the interconnectedness of the faith traditions of Buddhism and Hinduism and she embraces the spiritual truths of the interfaith community.

Nancy discovered that the creative outlet of writing helped deepen her spiritual life. Through her daily practice of meditation and journaling, she has discovered the blessed gift of healing from the inside out and is passionate about sharing her discovery with others.

A life-long learner, Nancy studied to become a Reiki Master and completed trainings in Medicinal Aromatherapy. Her spiritual nourishment has come from studying A Course In Miracles and participating in other spiritual-based Master classes including Spiritual Resilience and Wisdom of the Mystics.


Nancy is a nature and spiritual enthusiast, finding deep connection to the peace and love available to all through God's creation. She believes that Christ truly showed us how to live our lives with compassion, understanding and love, and she aspires to be a living example of this.​

Connecting with Nature

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Nancy has recently published Connecting with Nature. This illuminating book will escort you on a path of healing, using personal stories and reflections, meditations, aromatherapy and gentle meditations to give you support and guidance as you make your own journey to physical and spiritual fulfillment. Discover how Nature can help you connect with your inner self and the Creator, and open your heart to joy, peace, hope and gratitude. 




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