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creativity coaching in person & online

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I want to share my experiences with you

During my own personal journey of spiritual growth and healing, I learned several practices that enabled me to discover my ability to heal myself from within. This experience profoundly changed my life and inspired me to share my insights with others who are looking for a path to personal fulfillment.


I envisioned Awakening Creativity as a way to offer a creative space to support you in your quest to reconnect with your innate sacred spark. My goal is to accompany you while you navigate the healing process, empower you to transform perceived obstacles into opportunities, and encourage you to achieve alignment with your sacred spark.


My Awakening Creativity with Nancy Zick painting-made-easy lessons, workshops (in-person and online), retreats, and one-on-one coaching (in-person and online) are designed for everyone from the experienced artist to those who think they have no creative ability whatsoever. Join me in awakening the creator within and discover the healing power of art. You'll have a variety of opportunities to meet you wherever you are on your spiritual path. I look forward to getting to know you and sharing this journey!


I give you this mantra to recite as you travel your path: "Peace begins with me."

Surrounding you with lots of love! Namaste, Nancy

samples of my art

Sacred Spark
Buddha Butterflies
Heart Circle
Sacred Star
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explore my other offerings

Along with the practice of creativity, I have discovered other avenues to achieve spiritual growth and healing. To help you reach your goals, I offer classes through Nature's Healing Grace to reconnect with your soul spark so you can begin your transformation and rebirth.









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about me


Embracing a holistic approach to healing, I've dedicated my life to uncovering purpose and spiritual truth. Rooted in my faith, I draw wisdom from diverse spiritual traditions, recognizing the interconnections they share.

Yoga training deepened my understanding of Buddhism and Hinduism, nurturing a profound appreciation for the spiritual truth found within the interfaith community.

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