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Bridge into the Woods

Connecting with Nature

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I have recently published Connecting with Nature. This illuminating book will escort you on a path of healing, using personal stories and reflections, aromatherapy and gentle meditations to give you support and guidance as you make your own journey to physical and spiritual fulfillment. Discover how Nature can help you connect with your inner self and the Creator, and open your heart to joy, peace, hope and gratitude. 


Meditations on Insight Timer

There are thirteen spoken meditations from Connecting with Nature that compliment the written meditations found at the end of each chapter. They are now available on Insight Timer. Click on the singing bowl to sample the meditation from Chapter 1, "The Enchanted Forest."

To listen to the meditations on your phone or tablet, use the links below to download the Insight Timer app, then search for "Nancy Zick" and you will find them all listed.

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