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Kissed by a Butterfly!

There is a saying, “people are in your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime”.

Throughout this past decade, it has been important to me to align with my heart and not forego what I believe just to keep people in my life. I left a place where I had allowed my entire identity to be consumed. I found I had been trying to rescue the people who were close to me. However, they couldn’t see what I saw. They were content in their ways and didn’t seem to want to grow or change. I led programs, I introduced new concepts, I gave personal testimonials of life-changing experiences, each time, thinking this would surely inspire someone. The more experience I had with developing my spirituality, the more I wanted to share it with my peers. God was calling me to speak out and step out boldly in an environment where I felt I no longer belonged. The inner conflict I experienced brought me healing: healing from the feeling of being alone in the world, from my own judgments, from my own failings at being impeccable with my word. It also provided me with the opportunity to truly embrace and live the Truth as I believed it in my heart.

One morning as I was meditating with Artemisia Titepati, a beautiful butterfly circled around me and landed on the inspirational book I had been reading. She also landed on me several times while I journaled the message that was streaming through me to my pen:

You are part of a larger “tribe.” You have felt you don’t belong where you are, but for now this is where you need to be. You need to train others to be healers. Your “tribe” is always with you, in many forms. A visitor from nature is your physical confirmation of this. Pay attention. Your time is limited where you are. Be diligent, mindful, and present while you are there. Your impact will make a difference in that community.

This Silver-Spotted Skipper butterfly came back several times that morning. She even landed on my nose! Her visit was such a joyful reminder of how our true tribe is much greater than our perceived circle.

Who makes up your tribe?

Have you experienced a time in your life when you felt you were outgrowing the circle of people you were connected to?

In what ways were you able to stand in your Truth and leave behind anything that no longer resonated?

Do you WANT to nurture the feeling of loneliness?

Have you been drawn to a new tribe? If so, why do you think this is happening?

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