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Nature Engages the Senses

Feel With Your Senses

The practice of tuning into nature and connecting on a deeper level is available to everyone. So many people are drawn to nature, as I was, but in the process, they fail to tune into the messages available to them. Either they are talking with one another or they’re engaging in activities that distract them from truly connecting. It seems to me this is clearly part of the demise of human nature. In America especially, we have allowed ourselves to become distracted from the gift of nature from which we all came. And worse yet, we have become complacent about giving back to and respecting nature. Here is a reminder of a message that came through Marjoram:

God wants all beings to feel this connectedness, this sense of communion, knowing that all existence is present to support one another unconditionally. Even those who have caused devastation. They, too, have served their purpose. They are here to teach resilience and perseverance. They help you grow stronger so you can honor your purpose. All are here to support one another. God’s desire is communion with all beings. You are here to be an example of this.

I challenge you, the reader, to step out in nature each and every day, even if you live in the city. Find a bush or a planter of flowers or a water fountain or a tree and pause for a moment. Allow your thoughts to be still for this moment and tune in to what you see, hear, smell, or feel. Can you find beauty and diversity in the bark of the tree? Do you notice the buds that haven’t yet opened on plants? Do the leaves look vibrant and full of life or do they look sad and in need of tender loving care? What does the sound of water bring to mind? What do you hear in the bird’s melodies? What emotions does the wind invoke?

Can you sense a simple message nature's bringing you?

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