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Sower of Seeds

My intention for writing these blog posts is to plant seeds that may help my readers on their journey of healing from the inside out. Of course, this means that I need to allow myself to become vulnerable and share with you my own process of healing. I have come to realize healing as an on-going, life-long process, not simply a once-and-done process. Once more, I had to come face-to-face with FEAR! Although, this time it was a bit more subtle.

Over these past few months since my book was released, I have been putting off getting it out to a broader audience. My first excuse was I had family obligations to attend to. My next was that I didn’t have a professional website. Then it was I’m not comfortable with social media. All the while I knew that what I needed to do was get in front of people. For those who know me, this may come as a surprise: deep down I am timid. I don’t like a lot of attention. Speaking to strangers is uncomfortable for me. I kept wondering when the universe would open up opportunities to get my book out there but I wasn’t actively doing anything to make that happen!

Here is the message that came forth as I meditated with the captivating, calming essence of Lavender:

“You are planting the seeds. As with all of creation, it is not your place to worry and fret about the seeds you are planting. It is up to you to move forward with planting the seeds in new places when your resources have been used up. Get out there and know the fertile soil is beckoning you. You will be guided. You must take the next step. Bless you on your journey.”

A conversation that I had with a friend and writing coach, Debby Handrich (, prompted me to take a deeper look at why fear was holding me back. Am I afraid of being rejected? Perhaps, but I do know the book isn’t for everyone and I accept that. Am I afraid I won’t have the right words to say? Yes! Bingo! This goes way back to being told I was to be seen and not heard. Yet another layer to be released. This seemed so silly because I know God has always given me the words to write so why wouldn’t he/she give me the words to speak? The message continued:

“This is another hurdle you are crossing in moving toward complete trust. Your first hurdle was seeing your potential to write. The second was listening to your inner guidance as the words flowed through the pages. The next was finding your support team among people you already knew. Then there was the hurdle of putting your words into a cohesive order. The fifth hurdle was finding a publisher and the sixth was setting the intention to plant seeds through blogging. The seventh was setting the intention to find a website designer. And now it is time to move out to the broader field of potentiality. Your unseen team is always there for you, supporting and encouraging your next efforts. Be brave. Find the courage to face the next hurdle. You’ve got this!”

So what hurdles are you facing? Are you at the beginning or nearing the end of your race to complete a project? You may not be writing a book or blog, but can you see the seeds that you are planting? Is it time to plant your seeds in a new way or place?

My hope and prayer are that you, too, will find the courage to take the next step. I’m ready, are you?

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