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The Benefits of Weeding

I share this experience with you as a reminder of all of the people, situations and things in your life that may need to be weeded out. Perhaps you are facing this right now. What “weed” prevents you from being the authentic person you desire to be? The decision has to come from a place of deep discernment. Is this “weed” beneficial to you and your future? How deeply rooted is it? Is it shouting to you in some subconscious way announcing why it is there? Would you grow exponentially, beyond your greatest imaginings, if you removed it? The pungent scent of Sage True brought forth a clear message as I meditated on this:

I am here to support you and to take you deeper into your understanding. Stay focused on sharing your Truth. You have been, are, and will be touching many lives. Everyone who hears you is taking in the seeds you are planting. Some will grow slower than others. Keep planting! You have been plucking out the weeds that were stunting your growth. Do not ruminate over them. Let them go. Thank them for the part they played in your life and then release them.

Perhaps there are seeds you have been planting as well and it is time for you to begin the process of weeding out that which doesn’t serve your highest good any more. We all need the “weeds” in our life to bring us the nutrients they have to offer. But there comes a time when they begin to choke out the seeds we are planting. Be mindful of those who are stunting your growth and mindfully release them!

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