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Breaking Old Patterns

If you are new to the Chakras, there are many wonderful sources of information that can introduce you to these energy centers that give us windows into our personal healing. I often will be drawn to begin my meditation time with the practice of balancing each of the chakras, especially if I’m feeling a bit off center.

On one particular morning, I was drawn to bring my fingertips on both hands together to allow the flow of energy to have a continuous current. I started with the Root Chakra, earth element and belonging. I felt assured that I belong where I am. Next, I went to the Sacral Chakra, water element and pro-creation of life and work. I felt residual guilt present relating to money and I cleared that away. Upon arriving at the Solar Plexus Chakra, fire element, there was a presence of anger and shame, especially around judgment. These were here to remind me to continue to revisit this area and go inward to release areas of judgment that have crept in. At the Heart Chakra, air element, I felt a block to deep love and acceptance of all, especially with a particular family member. Wild Tansy was the essence I chose to assist me. Her message was direct and firm:

My desire is to assist you in feeling a sense of belonging in this life. Release any attachments to guilt, anger, and shame; especially with judgment. These are present to help you go inward and release. Deep love and acceptance are available to all. Our desire is for this to be fully-present in each human being. Any of your resistance to others is what is blocking their desire to expand. Your agitation stirs up insecurities within those on the receiving end that they are not aware of. They will then respond in ways that are familiar to them: blaming, shaming, anger, etc. In those moments it is crucial that you fully embrace them with an open, loving heart. That is how others will begin to see. They first need to experience it, over and over again just like you did. Vulnerability is not an easy place for humans to exist. That is also your lesson. When you feel attacked, it is your indication you are holding onto an old pattern. Use this as an opportunity to send unconditional love. When others need constant reassurance of your love, this is a mirror for you to see that you are not fully expressing your love. Become totally aware of this process. Open your heart even more!

Wow! What an impactful message. I was prepared to do the work necessary to break the old patterns. Using the essences is a powerful way to bring forth emotions, situations, and people that we need to release and heal. Using the mirror to reflect back the emotions we are currently facing is another beneficial tool. Take a moment to ponder what your mirror is reflecting back to you. Use the following summary of the Chakras to help identify areas within your body where you might be storing old emotional patterns. Journal your responses and come back to them as often as needed until those old patterns dissolve. Remember, in order to truly replace an old pattern, we must confidently embrace a new pattern.

I encourage you to use this chart as a springboard for a glimpse into your own patterns that may need healing:

Chakra Position Central Issue Adversary Root base of spine Survival Fear Sacral below navel Sexuality, Emotions Guilt Solar Plexus above navel Power, Energy Shame Heart center of chest Love Grief Throat hollow of throat Communication Lies Third Eye between the brows Intuition, Imagination Illusion Crown top of head Awareness Attachment

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