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Healing from the Inside Out

Nature teaches us resilience. She demonstrates this all around us, if we tune in to her. As with my story of the beloved maple tree who fully recovered from the lightning strike, with a little human assistance (see p.14, Her wounds went deep into her core. Slowly, over time, she mended her internal wounds and radiated life on her surface. If our Creator designed nature with so much resilience, surely, we too are created with the ability to heal from our core, slowly over time. Then we, also, can radiate life around us.

Throughout these posts, I have shared my personal journey of healing from the inside out. No, I wasn’t struck by lightning, and I didn’t begin with a broken body. The healing I have shared has come from my core, those deeper layers of wounds of the emotional, spiritual, and mental dis-ease. Nature has been my guiding force through my years of healing. When I witnessed the awe-inspiring recovery of the wounded maple, I distinctly heard the whisper in my ear: Humans have this ability as well.

What is our calling? Why are we here? The Truth is we are here to heal from the inside out. Then we can shine our glorious Light and love in greater proportions. Here is an astounding message that came through the ancient healing essence of Spikenard:

Nature is here to offer healing to those whose intention is healing. When you are faithful about your intention to use nature for your support, it is offered. Unconditional love is extended to everyone. Release old patterns of fear as creation does not come from a place of fear, only from the place of deep love. When fear is present, it is a reminder to stay in a space of trust. You will not be betrayed, EVER! Feel our unconditional love and know this Divine love is available to everyone. That is what is meant by the phrase “as above, so below.” Feel Divine love come through your higher chakras and travel through you to your lower chakras. Above isn’t a place, it is a higher frequency. Your invisible team is here to guide you to that existence. Trust and believe. It is as simple as that.

My hope and prayer for you is that you, too, will find ways to connect with nature and allow healing to emerge from within. As each one of us takes the time and effort to raise our inner frequency, our Light and love will change the world.

I leave you with a snippet from an interview between Krista Tippett and Robin Wall Kimmerer from the “On Being” podcast. Kimmerer asks the question, “Do you love the earth?” and then follows it with a deeper question, “Does the earth love you back?” Here are Kimmerer’s thoughts:

“So it’s a very challenging notion, but I bring it to the garden and think about the way that when we, as human people, demonstrate our love for one another, it is in ways that I find very much analogous to the way that the earth takes care of us…when we love somebody, we put their well-being at the top of a list and we want to feed them well…nurture them…teach them…bring beauty into their lives…make them comfortable safe and healthy. That’s how I demonstrate love, in part, to my family and that’s just what I feel in the garden, as the earth loves us back in beans and corn and strawberries…it’s a really liberating idea to think that the earth could love us back, but it also opens the notion of reciprocity that with that love and regard from the earth comes a real deep responsibility.” (Tippett, 2016)

As you walk through life loving nature, may you feel the reciprocity of love from our Creator, loving you back and bringing the healing your soul desires for you.

“Forget not that the Earth likes to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” Kahlil Gibran (Gibran, 2020)


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