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Living by Grace, Not Perfection

Courage to trust the Universe

Fear is a stumbling block for many, including me. Much of my fear comes from early teachings that took hold. A Course In Miracles, a publication of The Foundation for Inner Peace, teaches that fear is the opposite of love. Where did fear come from, anyway? Perhaps fear is one more of those learning opportunities humans can choose to use as their motivator or oppressor. When fear arises for me now, I step back and look closely at where it is coming from. I personally don’t believe in a place called “Hell” but I do believe we can live in “Hell” by the choices we make around fear. If fear is present, rather than becoming debilitated by it, I choose to recognize its existence and then I sit in silence until I can make peace with it. Sometimes, I need to coexist with fear for a while, before revelations appear. Laurel Leaf is my go-to essential oil for bringing me the courage to face my fears. This is one message from Laurel Leaf:

Check in with any discomfort you experience as it comes from the fear of betrayal (more than likely, this stems from past-life experiences). Your intentions have always come from a place of deep love for others and the desire to help them on their healing journey--mind body and spirit. There is no place for fear when you live from the place of Divine love. The Universe is with you. You have a team of unseen supporters who are here to protect you. You need all experiences to help you understand the depth of feelings that exist in humankind. Trust and believe in your inner guidance and move forward with Divine love.

At times, moving forward with Divine love can be easier said than done. As I feel my Inner Guide, God, call me to do something like write a book, create a class, or offer a retreat, and I feel fear creeping in, I simply ask fear: “What are you here to teach me today?” Oftentimes I hear the voice of my inner Critic, Ego (remember? Edging God Out), spewing off a list of reasons why I shouldn’t take the next step. When this pattern emerges, I courageously take the first step. You see, it doesn’t matter if I fail or if I don’t think I have what it takes. The inspiration was put there for a reason, and I am to act on it. As long as I am operating from a place of Divine love, anything is possible.

What courageous step do you need to take to add more love in your life?

Is your Ego holding you back?

Are you able to step out anyway and live by grace, not perfection? If not, why not?

If so, how can bringing more grace into your daily life benefit you?

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