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Nature Expands Joy

When I think of nature, I think of being outside in the natural world. Whether it is in a garden, forest, field of clover, or sandy beach at the edge of the ocean, it doesn’t matter. I feel peaceful and content. Sometimes, just sitting on my deck and being surrounded by the sights, sounds, and fresh air is all I need to regain my connection to her. This evokes a feeling of blissful satisfaction. One morning, Tamarack brought me a Divine message:

Listen with your heart. Embrace all of life’s experiences with joy, not judgment. Connect with nature on a deeper level. All of nature is here to guide you, bringing beauty to the earth. Enjoy its beauty. It is true many plants and trees don’t belong in certain areas. Nature brings beauty wherever it lives, even if only for a short season. Be mindful and be grateful. Then all of God’s creation is happy.

This morning as I took in the beauty of the landscape surrounding me, I noticed the hints of color beginning to pop out in the trees. Our cool nights, the presence of the busy bees, and the brisk wind are all reminders that Summer will soon turn to Autumn. In the Midwest, our warm, pleasurable seasons are rather short. For me, the question is: How do I enjoy the beauty of nature without judgment of the temperature and lack of vibrant colors? My body does not do well with the cold of winter. I tend to hunker down indoors with multiple layers on, just to keep warm. Occasionally a bright, sunny, snowy day will beckon me out for a walk, but only if the wind is fairly calm will I venture out. Instead of judging what I don’t have, I find joy in what I do have available. Connecting with nature can be as simple as talking to your plants while you water them, adding some beautiful essence to your diffuser to bring a delicious scent to the air, or simply stepping inward and communing with nature through visualization or meditation.

I visited a local botanica boutique this week. The proprietor, Tracy, offered wonderful suggestions to embrace the changing seasons. I would suggest you visit her website (and shop, Bella Botanica in Springfield, WI):

Reflect on your experience with joy as you unite with nature in your own special way. In what ways does it bring you joy?

What forms of nature are you drawn to?

What experiences of joy are evoked when you make the time to be present in nature?

Take a walk in a forest, stroll along the beach, paddle down a river, or perhaps brighten a room with fresh-cut flowers or flowering plants. Implement whatever is possible option for you to bring more reminders of joy into your life.


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