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Nature's Elixir

Snow Labyrinth

I was inspired to create a spiral labyrinth by a soul-sister from my nature inspired spirituality circle. Why not? I have a large backyard and it was covered in virgin snow, inviting me to come and play. I had no idea how long it would take me and I was surprised at how deep the snow was in the places that harbored drifts. I moved clockwise from the outside inward, trudging, shuffling, and trampling around the circle. There were places where the snow was only a few inches deep and other spots that were well over my twelve-inch-high boot tops. Some of the snow was thick and crusty and other places I could easily shuffle through. After completing five rounds, I had to pause and catch my breath, giving my muscles a much-needed break. I wondered if this would end up being a two-day project. However, I was energized by the process and motivated to see it to completion. Ring by ring, I worked my way around, pausing when necessary to regain my strength and enjoy the glorious winter day. One hour and twelve rings later, I finally reached the middle and stood there quietly allowing the elements to envelope me … feeling grounded in nature (earth), standing in the midst of snow (water), basking in the warmth of the sun (fire) and experiencing the gentle breeze (air) cooling my warmed skin. My whole being delighted in the experience and felt a great sense of accomplishment.

As I began to make my way back around the circles, I heard this message:

What you have experienced is parallel to life. As you step out on your journey, you don’t know how long it will take you, nor do you know where you will end up. You will face times that are easy and you will move through those times effortlessly. There will also be times when the journey will be more challenging. You may stumble and feel unbalanced. In those moments, take time to pause, regain your centeredness, and continue to trudge forward once you’ve collected yourself. Always be mindful of the energy around you. Ground yourself on a regular basis. Flow with the journey, pausing when there seems to be obstacles. Engage with your inner fire to keep you motivated and feel Spirit whispering encouraging words. These gifts are always surrounding you … remember this! Serve humanity by sharing your experiences and unconditional love.

In that moment, I realized how much I missed my nature treks. We had just come off of a two-week stint of sub-zero or single digit temperatures. My “treks” in nature were brief and anything but meditative during those long days. I had allowed myself to become consumed in the negative, downward spiral of doubting and worrying to the point that I was frozen, unable to move in any direction, let alone forward. This much-needed experience fed my soul the elixir it needed. I no longer felt I was numbly moving through life. I was humbled and filled with gratitude for the insights brought my way.

What new experiences have fed you the elixir your soul needed? Or are you feeling stuck and unable to move in any direction?

I encourage you to get out in nature. Spend time taking in the elements and energy she has to offer. You will be amazed at the insights that will open up for you. Listen to the still small voice whispering your name and encouraging you along your life’s journey.

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