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Finding Home in the Midst of a Troubled World

Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”

Each day, we awaken to another tragedy of sorts … devastating storms, mass shootings, political rhetoric, human dignity and rights being ignored, violence etc. etc. etc. So how do we find hope in the midst of all of this tragedy? For some, choosing to not turn on the TV helps them cope. For others, becoming actively engaged in protesting helps them cope. Wherever you are on this spectrum, it is important to not lose hope for humanity.

Hope is different than wishing. Hope reminds us that all things are possible (with the help of God). Hope for peace in the world. Hope that all things will manifest for the good of others. Hope for equality among all people, everywhere. Hope that mankind will discover their inner Light and be a beacon of Light in the darkness that looms over us.

For me, I turn inward. Meditating on changing my heart and sending love and peace to all inhabitants of Mother Earth is one way I find hope. Sometimes I turn to music to fill my soul with hope, connecting with all those who also are fed by the blessed gift of music. Other times I turn to my beloved essences, knowing that they hold the key to connecting with God through nature.

However, the most important practice we can all benefit from is gratitude. We take so much for granted and can become so wrapped up in the day to day drama that we forget to be thankful for what we do have. I encourage you to start your day with a shout of THANKSGIVING! And end your day reflecting on a list of things you are grateful for that day. This opens the door for hope to live in our hearts!

May hope sustain you, believing in the things you can not see!


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