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Your Life is Sacred

Whether or not you follow a religious

or spiritual path, your life is sacred. I believe a loving God created us as individuals and has given us the freedom to choose what we will do with this one precious life we’ve been given. I whole-heartedly believe the saying “We are spiritual beings on an earthly path, not earthly beings on a spiritual path.” Somehow, in some way, we were given the miraculous opportunity to be brought into this world we know. If you have any doubts about this at all, I would suggest you search “fertilization” on YouTube. Watching the process unfold is fascinating, and you will see how life is truly miraculous.

I took this concept of fertilization for granted, as many of us do, until I saw a simulation video on the process of conception and fertilization. I had already conceived and given birth to my two sons, which I did believe was miraculous, but seeing the simulation of the fertilization process brought me a whole new appreciation for the miracle of life. I was enthralled by the fact that there are millions of sperm released each time in the process of intercourse, and as they “swim” towards the egg, it is up to the cells surrounding the egg to determine whether or not one of millions will be allowed to break through, thus beginning the cycle of new life. But this process isn’t exclusive to humans. It happens in the plant world through pollination and in the tree world through spores and seeds. Procreation is a sacred part of life, and it is all around us.

Peia Luzzi is a musician and recording artist who specializes in sacred chants that are inspiring. One song by Peia entitled “Blessed We Are” speaks to the sacredness of life. I recommend listening closely to the lyrics. The sacred essence of Spikenard brought forth a message speaking to this sacredness of life:

Remember why you came here. Your life is sacred. All of life is sacred. Remember that in everything you do. Remember that with every person you meet. You are holy and loved beyond what your human capacity can understand. There is a sacred force moving you through life. Yes, you will encounter forces that will try to throw you off track. Recognize this. Honor them for the role or lessons they bring, and send them off with unconditional love. You may not always have someone to help you through difficult situations. Turn to nature in your times of unsettledness and ask what you need to know. God is working with you on deeper levels, and these opportunities to grow will come more rapidly. As you learn to rely on the universe, your path forward will be revealed. Bless you and the lives you will touch.

I encourage you to take time to ponder the sacredness of life. Tap into the unconditional love available to all. Use your times of unsettledness to go deeper into your sacred life and see what emerges for you.

In what ways do you honor your sacredness?

Are you able to see ALL individuals and all beings as sacred?


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