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New Beginnings

New Beginnings: 2020 Vision

Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do. There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth. - Rumi

So, let's all be honest here. These past two months have brought us all out of our comfort zone and into a whole new arena. The playing field is undefined. The length of time is yet to be determined and even the "game" is unknown. The rules are coming to fruition one day and then changing the next along with the life we all once knew. How do we keep our sanity and keep ourselves from becoming unraveled with the massiveness of uncertainty that surrounds us?

I have used this quarantine time as sacred time to go inward. I have allowed the emotions to emerge and I am present with them as long as they need me to be. This hasn't been easy, but it is necessary. We are at the beginning of a historical moment of emergence of something new. Are we able to trust and allow ourselves to give birth to whatever this new way of being is? Do we have faith to believe that this is not the darkness of the tomb, but instead the darkness of the womb...birthing something new?

"When the ego weeps for what it has lost, the Spirit rejoices in what it has found." - Eckhart Tolle

All I know for certain is that we are embraced and held at all times, even when we aren't aware of it, even when we are in the depths of grief, fear or anxiety. The most important thing we can do is quiet the mind, connect with our heart and give ourselves the space to connect with the powerful, loving energy each moment of each day. If we can pause for a moment and feel the loving energy envelope us and carry us through every experience and emotion, we will come to an awareness of how profound the love of our Creator truly is. This awareness will bring us to an unfathomable level of peace, joy and gratitude which will open our hearts to love. Love is our true nature. Even in the midst of this most challenging time, we can experience the higher vibration of unconditional love simply by bringing our awareness to the energetic blanket of love that is supporting us.

I encourage you my Beloved friends, to embrace this time of transition as we have all been given an opportunity to start new, using the words of Rumi to guide you into your new beginning. We have been given a golden opportunity to see all humans as one. Let us wake up to this path of grace. Use this time to unveil the truth of who you are and who you want to be in this world. Trust that an infinite Source of Love is guiding and supporting us.

May you know that WE ARE ONE as we go through the pain of birthing a new beginning!

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