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Hold the Vision, Trust the Process

When I coach clients who are feeling stuck, uncertain of what they want in life or unclear of which direction to go, we begin by looking at what they are passionate about. Sometimes they are in a career that is in alignment with their passions, but many times they are not. I am not suggesting that everyone should quit their job if it is unfulfilling. However, it is crucial for us to hold the vision of what inspires us, trusting in the process it takes to get us there. Too often, our thoughts become our roadblocks. If we keep thinking “I need the benefits,” “I depend on my income,” “My passions won’t provide a substantial income,” then we will bring to fruition what we believe to be true. But the opposite is also possible. Creatively visualizing ourselves living our dreams and visions will clear the negativity and open us up to endless possibilities. As we discover our soul purpose, we are emboldened, rooted in our unique place, to offer gifts to the world around us. My passion is to guide people to their soul’s purpose so they can live from their unique place and offer their gifts to the world around them.

I, too, have struggled with trusting in the process. The path less followed isn’t always an easy path to navigate. Obstacles and diversions are a sure sign that I’ve strayed from holding the vision. When I was clearly guided to proceed with writing my book, but didn’t have a clue as to how it would unfold, I tried to set aside time to meditate and reflect on the deep desire welling up inside of me. However, I allowed myself to take on too many projects for others and found it increasingly difficult to find the time for myself. I became irritated and edgy whenever meetings were called to discuss the projects. Because I was over-committed, I lowered my standards and only half-heartedly fulfilled my obligations. I knew I should walk away from these projects, but I didn’t, afraid my reputation might be tainted if I gave up.

The lesson I took away from that particular experience has helped me to trust my instincts. When something feels forced and not aligned with what my spirit is calling me to do, I now politely decline and walk away. No guilt. No pressure to comply. It is truly empowering to reclaim your power and not give it away to others.

There was a plethora of uncertainties with how this book would come into its completed form. I could choose to hold onto the vision and trust the process, or I could have been caught up in trying to figure it out by myself. Everything I needed was provided. If you are reading this, the project came to fruition without my need to force it. A message from my beloved essence, Marjoram, is my go-to when I fall into feeling the need to control:

See your future but do not attach to it. See yourself doing what you love to do. There is no need to figure out the details. Life will come naturally and effortlessly. The more control you try to take, the harder it will be for you. You have a whole team paving the way. Trust, allow, and believe. You will know without a doubt what action you need to take. Enjoy the present moment and be grateful for it!

Are there obstacles seemingly holding back your vision?

Reflect on your efforts. Is it possible that other diversions are preventing your vision from manifesting?

Or perhaps, you may be in a time when you don’t have a clear vision. Be okay with waiting as it may be time for a pause. Trust the process to unfold no matter what you are experiencing.

"In the woods we return to reason and faith." Ralph Waldo Emerson


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