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Stand In Your Truth

Reclaiming Your Power with Confidence

This week we witnessed someone who was willing to stand in his Truth and take on a task that to some could be overwhelming. He didn't allow circumstances, potential threats, injustice, or past wounds to cause him to waiver in his ability to boldly proclaim what he believes to be true. Where are you in your ability to speak your Truth? Is there a possibility that past wounds are holding you back?

There are many great books available to help those who want to heal from past wounds. I recently worked through the book Growing the Positive Mind by William K. Larkin (Larkin, 2016). I’m sure I was led to this book primarily because I was caught in a vicious cycle of judgment, being critical (judgmental!) of others for their judgmental-ness, being critical of situations that led to judgment. I wanted to escape from that cycle. I now realize this is a work in progress. It was interesting how this book crossed my path at the time I was ready to receive it. I had purchased it for one of the yoga trainings I had gone through but I hadn’t taken the time to read it. As I was preparing for a trip, I wanted an engaging book to read. I walked over to one of my shelves and started reviewing what I had. I don’t know how it happened, other than through Divine intervention, but this book literally fell off

the shelf in front of me. I was intrigued by the title and realized it was serendipitous!

William Larkin’s book helped me understand what lower vibrations were keeping me in what he calls a downward spiral, so I set the intention to work toward the emotions that kept me in an upward spiral. Part of this work involved embracing my strengths. I took an online timed test (CliftonStrengths) which identified my top five strengths: Intellection, Connectedness, Learner, Empathy, and Developer. All of these fit and made perfect sense. The unfolding of all I learned from Larkin’s book prepared me to be in a place of readiness to complete the book I was working on.

The first thing I am called to do when I have a life-changing revelation is to share it. I want everyone to be given the same opportunities I have been given. This totally fits with my strengths as it involves putting all into action. As I sat meditating with the essential oil of Fir Balsam, she brought me a strong message:

All of nature is here to support you as you stand strong. You are ready to go out. You have the tools in place. You have been clearing and continue to clear the debris blocking your progression. Encourage others to meditate and listen to nature. See yourself teaching, connecting, and encouraging others. Your path is unfolding before you. When you introduce yourself, say: ‘I am a magnificent sovereign being of Divine love, and SO ARE YOU.’ As you look each one in the eyes, pause and let it sink in. Continue by saying: ‘I have a passion to share what I have learned along my soul’s journey, what I have found to be Truth within me. Some of what I share may resonate with you and some may not. I come to you with unconditional love in my heart for each of you, and I speak my Truth from my heart’. It is important to start each of your teachings this way as not everyone is ready to absorb what you have to say. You are being led and opportunities are unfolding. Remember, you are supported as you stand in your Truth.

Is Spirit talking to you as well?

Are you being encouraged to step out boldly?

Are you able to confidently speak your Truth, even if others may not be ready to hear what you have to say?

Let this message be your reminder. You, too, are being guided. You, too, are a magnificent sovereign being of Divine love. You, too, can speak your Truth boldly!

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